Monday, August 12, 2013

Configure Content Deployment in SharePoint 2010

Content deployment job helps us to copy the contents from one environment to another environment in a scheduled basis. To Define a Content deployment path follow below steps.

Step 1: Go to Central Administration à Configure content deployment paths and jobs [under General application settings] 

Step 2: To create new deployment path, Click on New Path. 

Step 3: In This Form, mention the Source environment details and the Destination environment details and also the user account details and Click OK. 
[Note: While creating Destination Site Collection make sure to create it as Empty Site Collection to have a smooth Deployment without any issues.]

Step 4: To create a new Job, Select Create Job from the drop down. 

Step 5: Select the respective deployment path from the dropdown and specify the schedule, in which you want to run the deployment job. 

Step 6: To run the job immediately, select Run Now from the drop down. And to view the Status report, click on the Status message.
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