Friday, August 9, 2013

Define Retention Policy in List or Libraries

Steps to Define Retention Policy
1.       Navigate to Lists Settings à Information management Policy settings of the respective list.
2.       Select the Content type for which new policy need to be defined. [Note: if we create retention policy for Site Content Type this policy will be affected in all references]
3.       Click on the Item content type which is the default content type for custom lists, then select “Enable Retention” check box.  Once selected we will be getting an option for “Adding a retention stage”. Click “Add a retention stage” link.
4.       In the popup, select the time period and action to be performed.

5.       "Information management policyand "Expiration policy" are the 2 timer jobs which are responsible for retention policy. By default both will run "Weekly" once. And  "Information management policy" job should run before the "Expiration policy".
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